Food Factories
of the Future

Solving Flexibility and Scalability
in food manufacturing

Passtur is building the first fully automated and highly flexible food manufacturing system.

As consumer demand for more choice drives portfolio expansion in the $2.5T a year food and beverage industry, the antiquated infrastructure of manufacturing food is struggling to keep pace. Food brand owners today demand high quality, low cost, flexible production from their contract manufacturing partners.

Passtur’s mission is to be the contract manufacturer of choice to brand owners, large and small, enabling them to connect more deeply with their consumers.

Our team is singularly focused on this mission. Passtur was founded in November 2021 by Alexander Bromage, supported by early employees Cesar Nascimento and May Chahwan. Passtur operates out of their office/industrial workspace in Boca Raton, Florida.

Passtur has received accelerator funding from Scale Accelerator providing strong mentorship from seasoned unicorn entrepreneurs Jabbok and Willy Schlacks and lists former executives from several of the largest food and beverage companies in the world as their advisors.

Are you ready to change the way we make food for the better?

This is the moment where the food industry needs to move to a better way of manufacturing and Passtur will lead that journey. Bring your passion to help us.

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